10 Reasons People and Pets Love the CONVENIENCE of our Housecalls:

  • Too many pets to shuttle around; one housecall attends to all of your needs
  • Great for fearful or aggressive pets who hate traveling or visiting the vet's office
  • Compassionate bedside care for sick animals
  • Large or limited mobility pets do not have to be moved
  • Owners and pets enjoy individual care and undivided, uninterrupted attention from the veterinarian
  • See the same friendly, gentle doctor every visit
  • Pets are not exposed to other animals with contagious conditions or to aggressive unknown pets
  • No waiting room
  • Elderly or reduced mobility clients that may not like to drive still get to be with their pet(s) during vet appointments
  • When the time has come to put a beloved pet to sleep, euthanasia can be done compassionately in the home


When my partner left with the truck, I found myself in a quandry... How to get my dog and my cat into my tiny Miata for their annual visit. Thank goodness I found Dr. Matsche! She came to the house and all four of us relaxed on the porch and got through everything with ease and no panic. What a relief! Thank you, Dr. Matsche. I will spread the word! - Jo-Anna
Thank you so much Dr. Matsche for all of your compassion and love of animals! I am very thankful to have your experience and time for my pets. You are always there when needed either with a kind word or your time. Thank you! - Brooke